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Water Service

Rates & Charges – Water Service

Base Rates

ServicesGallonsCharge5% Tax
Basic Water0$66.28$3.31
Metered Waterper 1,000 gallons$4.10$0.21
Trash FeeN/A$16.00$0.80

Total – A base monthly water bill with 0 gallons used, plus the trash fee will be $86.39

Additional Charges

  • Meter Installation – $1,500.00
  • Disconnect Fee – $75.00 (less than 72 hours notice, Disconnect fee is $100.00)
  • Reconnect Fee – $75.00 (less than 72 hours notice, Reconnect fee is $100.00)
  • Water Security Deposit (pending) – $130.00

New Meter Installation

We request that the customer place a marker at the desired meter location on their property. TWSD will provide a marker if needed.  The marker should go anywhere along the street line in between the lot boundaries. TWSD will set the meter on the customer’s property no more than 15 feet from the point of service (the water line in the street).

Customers must install their own shut-off valve.  It should be located on the customer’s side of the meter setup.  The district’s valve between the meter and the street is not for customer use.

Items needed by the customer to complete the meter installation on their side of the meter:

  1. A 3/4″ shut-off valve must be installed on your side of the meter, positive seal, ¼” turn ball valve.
  2. Outside faucet to hook a water hose to for temporary purposes.
  3. Schedule 40 3/4″ fittings.
  4. Whatever 3/4″ pipe is needed to run a line to the service area as desired.
  5. Pipe cleaner and pipe glue.

 Water Line Extension

 3-inch water line extension: $51.00 per foot.

4-inch water line extension: $54.00 per foot

8-inch water line extension: $59.00 per foot

Note: Additional fees may be required due to excessively rocky soil conditions.  Prior inspection shall be required.

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