As part of the annual Facilities & Services fees charged to all properties in Timberon, the TWSD will maintain the Non-County roads.*  Maintenance includes grading, smoothing, fill, removing debris, and snow plowing when necessary.  Due to surface conditions or shallow water lines, the TWSD will evaluate and make the final decision on which roads can be improved.

We appreciate any notification of damage, and will address all road maintenance requests in a timely manner.

Please use the form below to request TWSD to perform any grading, maintenance or repair work on roads in your area, or call the TWSD office 987-2250.

Please be aware that Otero County maintains only the designated county roads in Timberon, and cannot be altered or repaired by the TWSD.  All other Timberon roads are maintained by TWSD.

*Download a map showing Otero County maintained roads in Timberon: Area E-2 Timberon

All questions or concerns regarding county maintained roads can be answered by calling the Otero County Road Department in Alamogordo (575) 437-7636