2017 BOD Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes to the TWSD Board of Directors regular monthly meetings, work sessions, and special sessions that were held during the current year are posted here after they are approved by the BOD. Previous years are archived on this website, and are available using the “All Pages” menu.
Work Session 1-17-2017

Work Session 2-14-2017

Regular Meeting 2-18-2017

Emergency Meeting 3-2-2017

Work Session 3-14-2017

Regular Meeting 3-18-2017

Work Session 4-11-2017

Regular Meeting 4-15-2017

Work Session 5-16-2017

Regular Meeting 5-20-2017

Work Session 6-13-2017

Regular Meeting 6-17-2017

Special Session 6-30-2017

Work Session 7-11-2017

Regular Meeting 7-15-2017

Work Session 8-15-2017

Special Session 9-8-2017

Work Session 9-12-2017

Regular Meeting 9-16-2017

Work Session 10-17-2017